On Screen Advertising

Advertise YOUR business, organization or cause on the Big Screens at Township Theatre!

Your Township Theatre Advertising/Marketing package includes many exciting features and benefits!

  • Your still, :15 or :30 spot will be shown prior to every movie
  • Exhibit your business cards and marketing materials in our lobby
  • Drive traffic to your business with our Ticket Stub Savings Program!
  • Promote your business personally with a representative on site with our Lobby Presentation Program

Advantages of Movie Theatre Advertising

Expansive Reach

Movie-going is the #1 leisure activity for Americans. Of your target audience, 32% are ages 18-34, 51% are ages 18-49, and 46% are college educated. Nearly 9 out of 10 moviegoers prefer to see a preshow opposed to a blank screen.

Effective Recall

Throughout the course of only a few minutes, your ad will receive constant repetition. Your ad will run for 5 seconds multiple times prior to the start of the show. Many consumers consider cinema ads to be more interesting than other media. Cinema advertising is appealing and memorable, with a 52% unaided recall rate in comparison to 6% for television ads.

Engaging Environment

Movie theaters offer a unique, distraction-free environment, complete with huge screens and immersive sound systems. Your ad will be showcased in an ideal atmosphere in front of an audience that is comfortable and attentive. Moviegoers spend an average of 14 minutes in their seats before a movie starts.They are relaxed, receptive, and captivated, ensuring you will have their full attention.

Request information about advertising on the big screens by completing our contact form, or call the Box Office at (201) 497-3500.